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LiveRoof Systems

Why LiveRoof?

GAF is partnering with LiveRoof to combine the proven performance of EverGuard Single-Ply Membranes with LiveRoofs patented, proven, hybrid green roof system. Eliminate the need to start with a brown roof and farm it for years, hoping and waiting for it to become a green roof. Bring modules with fully established plants inside the jobsite and simply set them in place on the rooftop. LiveRoof systems offer a variety of plant options, with four system depths:

LiveRoof Lite: For retrofit projects where load limitations exist

LiveRoof MAXX: Meets municipal codes in locales with 8-inch soil depth requirement; perimeter ballast supports drought-resistant perennials, grasses, and vegetables and can be used to optimize biodiversity

LiveRoof Standard: Maximizes storm water management and integrates perfectly with both new construction and existing buildings

LiveRoof Deep: Irrigated to expand plant biodiversity to an array of drought-resistant, conventional, and native perennials, grasses, and vegetables

LiveRoof Makes Installation A Breeze

Each LiveRoof module arrives to the jobsite with fully established plants inside the module and is simply set in place on the rooftop. The unique, patent-pending Soil Elevator is then removed for a seamless fit. There is no need to start with a brown roof and farm it for years, hoping and waiting for it to become a green roof. The GAF LiveRoof system can be installed over EverGuard TPO and PVC membranes.

6 Easy Steps to a Green Roof

Step One

The Licensed Grower inserts the LiveRoof Soil Elevator into the module

Step Two

The LiveRoof module is filled to the top of Soil Elevator with LiveRoof engineered g medium

Step Three

LiveRoof plants are grown to maturity approximately one inch above the LiveRoof module

Step Four

Certified installer sets LiveRoof modules tightly in place on the roof within RoofEdge aluminum edge restraint

Step Five

LiveRoof Soil Elevator is removed for a beautiful, seamless, instantly mature green roof

Step Six

Water thoroughly to settle any loose g medium and to give your green roof a great start

LiveRoof Benefits

  • With a network of over 20 licensed growers across the USA and Canada, the product design is backed by unsurpassed expertise and customer service.

  • Systems are locally grown under the care of professional horticulturists who select RoofTop Proven plant mixes suitable to each project and climate.

  • Plants in the system are exclusively bred, selected, and developed for top performance amidst the rigors of a rooftop environment.

  • Modules can be custom cut to create natural-looking green roofs with sweeping curves and full vegetation.

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